As an advisor, LakeStar’s mission is to deliver results which increase value, mitigate risk, and well prepare our clients to achieve their business and real estate objectives. LakeStar’s interdisciplinary team provides over 85 years of combined experience in accounting, development, finance, law, and municipal negotiations; consequently, LakeStar’s clients receive multifaceted solutions measurable to their bottom line.

LakeStar's team of knowledgeable, creative, and well-connected professionals will develop—and assist you in implementing—a strategic plan to realize maximum success. Our services include:

  • Identifying opportunities and conducting due diligence for investors looking to acquire additional enterprises.
  • Identifying capital sources to realize your business objectives.
  • Helping financial institutions to maximize the value and decrease holding costs associated with distressed assets.

Distinguishing LakeStar is the intellectual diversity of its people and their ability to conceive and implement profit-generating business solutions. LakeStar combines successful, seasoned leaders with young, highly motivated and skilled professionals. We have a unique enthusiasm for working with, and for, each other, which is fueled by our shared respect for each other's vast expertise and endless devotion to excellence and always exceeding our clients' expectations.

Operationally our hierarchy is horizontal; our motivation is vertical. We have no fiefdoms, but simply a burning desire to excel. We look forward to putting our "all for one, and one for all" team approach to work for you.

So again, welcome to LakeStar. You may choose to do business with us because we are intelligent, or because of our work ethic, or because—bottom line—we will demand the maximum return for your investment. But, over time, our goal is you continue to choose LakeStar because we have earned your trust by delivering outstanding results.

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