"Adam earned my full confidence with his business acumen, ethical judgment, and unwavering commitment to the success of Gladstone. Adam’s work ethic is unmatched and I trust him with all propriety product information and financial information pertaining to both Gladstone and my personal financial portfolio. Adam has championed initiatives in multiple municipalities and worked with our lenders to reach settlements cumulatively saving Gladstone approximately $11,000,000 and avoiding the burden of potential litigation."

David Bolger
President, Gladstone Builders and Developers, Inc.

"As Village President of North Aurora, I have worked with countless individuals who seek to advance initiatives to further their business objectives within the Village. Without hesitation, I can report that Adam has been a leader on the discussion of reducing development costs and making housing more affordable while preserving the quality of housing stock within the Village. Adam has worked hard to earn the trust and respect of the Village Staff and elected officials—without which he could not have effectively negotiated and received approval of multiple annexation agreement amendments. Adam has earned a reputation for setting realistic expectations and delivering the results he promises.

Working with you has been and enjoyable experience and I look forward to a continuing relationship with LakeStar for many years to come. Best of luck for continued success."

Dale Berman
Village of North Aurora

"Within 90 days of retaining LakeStar Advisors, investment opportunities were sourced, due diligence was conducted, a note was purchased, and a structured settlement with the borrower was executed. Adam's dedication, perseverance, and industry knowledge helped me to fulfill a strategic investment objective."

John Madigan
Investor & Entrepreneur

"For the past six years, I have had the opportunity of discussing various developments with Mr. Dontz. Adam’s successes are rooted in his ability to create proposals and projects that bring quality and value to our village [Plainfield]. As a resident of Plainfield, and through his service on Plainfield’s Zoning Review Committee in 2005, Adam thoroughly understands the vision of the community. He quickly grasps the development concepts and initiatives which enhance the local sense of place.

Knowing Plainfield’s real estate market, and understanding the shift in the economy, Adam initiated discussions with the municipality regarding fees and regulatory policies affecting development. This led to Village Staff reviewing the policy, discussing it with officials, and making modification. This direction helped keep Plainfield economically competitive.

In my working relationship with Adam I have experienced a dedicated professional with a commitment to cooperation and mutual respect. He is eager to share his creative ideas and concepts and readily seeks input from officials."

Paul Fay
Village of Plainfield

"I appreciate the knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm with which your development proposals are always delivered. Your creative and innovative approach to addressing and resolving issues of mutual concern has resulted in development projects which have created real, long-term value for the Village of Plainfield.

Working with you has been an enjoyable experience and I look forward to our continued working relationship."

Brian Murphy
Village of Plainfield

"Serving as the Executive Director of the Yorkville Economic Development Corporation (YEDC), in one of the nation’s fastest growing counties, I have worked with countless individuals in the development industry. For over six years, I have worked with Adam Dontz on residential development matters, and like many others in Yorkville and greater Fox Valley area, I have developed a deep respect for his ingenuity, leadership, and ability to effect change.

Found only among a select few is the unique and rare ability Adam possesses to understand the nuanced interworkings required to help shape local public policy. In 2010 and 2011, by Mayoral appointment, Adam and I served on Yorkville’s Building Code Update Review Committee. Adam offered amendments to the initial policies proposed by the City staff and was regularly effective in influencing policy recommendations which were less costly yet upheld high quality, health, and public safety standards."

Lynn Dubajic
Executive Director
Yorkville Economic Development Corporation

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