Special Asset and REO Solutions

LakeStar realizes how a distressed asset affects your bottom line and is uniquely qualified to mitigate further erosion of value. First, we will work to understand our client's goals and financial objectives, then utilize our in house interdisciplinary knowledge base to determine the optimal disposition strategy. Regularly, this includes adding value to an asset prior to sale or repositioning a project or product for its highest and best use in the market.

LakeStar will conduct initial meetings with clients, as well as an on-site analysis of the property. Then, we will gain an understanding of the client's goals and pro forma objectives, and assess the property to gain a better insight to the condition and status of the property, financial state, and status of the loan. The confluence of this information will allow us to establish a plan and assign the necessary team to the project.

LakeStarís strategic plans to combat downward pricing pressure, add value, and reduce the marketing time to dispose of an asset often include at least one of the following:

  • Renegotiate annexation and development agreements with relevant governmental jurisdictions to reduce costs by obtaining more efficient housing and land planning designs, site engineering modifications, fee concessions, and restructuring offsite infrastructure obligations based upon revised demand projections.
  • Inventory on and off-site horizontal improvements to understand remaining or deficient obligations, and manage the site development process to achieve final municipal acceptance.
  • Reduce Letter of Credit balances to accurately reflect site work performed.

These initiatives require amending binding contracts for which bilateral support and terms of mutual benefit are imperative. Their successful execution is assured with LakeStarís consensus-building acumen, insightful diplomacy and consummate negotiating skills.

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