Strategic Acquisition & Disposition Advisory

Our primary goal is to build value for our clients….advising them how to buy well, operate well, and sell well.

Success in opportunistic investing requires a continuous, and often delicate, balancing of risk and reward coupled with tireless, thorough analysis and due diligence before transacting. When investors are seeking to acquire or dispose of assets we help them to be strategic and focused in their approach.

LakeStar specializes in uniting equity with opportunity for undervalued businesses and real estate that may be out of favor at a given point in time. We target less competitive, mid-size transactions, uncovering niche opportunities often ignored by others – investments that are fundamentally sound, but overlooked because of temporary capital dislocations or perceived complexity. In other words, we help our clients find the “hidden gem” of opportunities in the market (when they normally wouldn’t), and then help them to extract the underlying value (unrecognizable to most).

We see challenges as opportunities. We won’t seek the path of least resistance and focus on trophy assets that anyone can easily understand; we search for the smartest opportunities to create value where others can’t. This foresight directs us to seek out opportunities for our clients at favorable pricing thus yielding excess return. Executing this approach requires a devoted balancing of risk and reward; with particular emphasis on minimizing downside risk.

LakeStar’s longstanding relationships throughout the Great Lakes region with land and business owners, lending institutions, developers, and local units of government often result in knowledge of investment opportunities before they become know to the general public.

In short, we advise and find opportunities for our clients’ investment objectives, and improve upon investments which are fundamentally sound, but have been improperly valued due to perceived or actual shortcomings or due to the recent dysfunction in the debt and equity markets.

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